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ban do ha long park hotel

In the morning 30/4, distributing free tickets to watch the arts program Halong Carnival 2016

The program contents include three parts: Part I is Ceremonies; Part II with the name Carnival Ha Long 2016 consisting of 4 sections: come to Halong, come back to the original, Halong new day, Halong integration; Part III - Dance of the sea including high level fireworks, DJ and the exchange between audience - actor auditorium. The program will have the performance of sing - dance - music on stage and the march on the campus of front the stage and the stands to make the interaction with the audience. There will be about 1600 professional and amateur actors participating in the program, especially the appearance of 9 singers and one band who are well-known of Vietnam, is Tuan Anh, Tan Nhan, Ngoc Anh, Dinh Manh Ninh, Hong Chinh , Huy Quyet, To Minh Thang, Ha Hoai Thu and Hoang Tung and Oplus band; there are 2 foreign art troupes from Philippines, Ukraine ...


Carnival Halong program is ready to occur on 30th April

The program will use a maximum of the sound, light, smoke, fireworks effects to increase the attractiveness. At the same time the organizers will install 7,000 seats for delegates, the people and visitors attending; and 4 LED screens are  outside the Square 30/10 to serve the people and tourists to watch the show.


The over ̃7,000 seat stand is completed

With the theme "Converging and spreading" art program Carnival Halong 2016 will be held from 20:10 p.m to 21:40 p.m on 30/04/2016 at Square 30/10, Hong Hai Ward, Ha Long City and televised directly on VTV1 - Vietnam television, QTV1 - Quang Ninh radio and television.

Following to Hong Hanh 

Resource: halongcity.gov.vn