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Vinhomes Dragon Bay - new focal point of the property market in Halong

The focus of the property market

2015 - 2016 is considered to be the year of explosive growth in the real estate Shophouse because this model often concentrated in densely populated areas, customers buys it not only for accommodation, but also for business use or for renting business premises to increase income. According to analysis of Mr. Huynh Phuoc Nghia, senior consultant of Global Integration Business Consultant (GIBC), "owning Shophouse can expect to an increase in the value of assets when area’s population density is larger or if we sublease, lucrative opportunities are also very positive. "

From late 2015 to the present, a series of Shophouse projects were developed by Vingroup attracting the attention and investment of customers. While Vingroup’s projects are very "hot" in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, in Halong, Vingroup’s project is sea urban Vinhomes Dragon Bay; though newly launched into the market in late 03/2016, it has quickly become the new focal point of the real estate market tourist city - Ha Long. Not only at Halong, Bay Dragon Vinhomes also received the attention of investors as well as the people of Hanoi and surrounding provinces.

Khách hàng hào hứng đến tham dự sự kiện ra mắt Vinhomes Dragon Bay tại Hạ Long

Customers are excited to attend the launch event in Vinhomes Dragon Bay Halong

Testament to the appeal of Shophouse Vinhomes Dragon Bay is more than 1,000 guests attended the opening ceremony of this project and up to 75% of the units introduced in the launch was registered by customers to buy. Explaining fever’s causes, a real estate brokerage skilled professional in Halong said that, mainly due to the "gold" location, project's optimal investment opportunities and investor’s prestige.

"Golden" business opportunities

Situated in the tourist key area of national and is the destination of international tourists in 2015, Quang Ninh welcomed approximately 7.8 million visitors, including foreign tourists accounted for nearly 3 million. With a large number of tourists, Ha Long is considered a potential and not limited market to attract investors, major brands of fashion, cuisine, entertainment ... expand business and develop system in the most famous tourism city of Vietnam.

Phối cảnh tổng thể dự án Vinhomes Dragon Bay

Vinhomes Dragon Bay project's overall perspective

Vinhomes Dragon Bay project is located adjacent to Ha Long Bay with a large central square, long coastal promenade and unique Shophouse system. When operation, Vinhomes Dragon Bay not only becomes crowded neighborhoods trade, but also promises to be the preferred destination of tourists in the country and internationally. Especially, located near the international ports and inland cruise terminal tonnage of 2,000 pax/ dock, Vinhomes Dragon Bay will welcome thousands of visitors every year. The bustling and crowd that will bring the maximum value to trade for Dragon Bay Vinhomes Shophouse. Shophouse’s owners Vinhomes Dragon Bay can both live in the upper floors and lease or self-profitable business on the 1st floor.

With the abundance of clients, in which,  mainly in high-income groups, favorable trade position, Vinhomes Dragon Bay townhouses commercial model is also a good choice of major brands in the world in fashion, service, entertainment and cuisine. Not only is the destination of tourists, Vinhomes Dragon Bay create optimal business investment opportunities for customers.

Resource: baoquangninh.com.vn