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The sea of people waited for offering incense at Hung temple

At 7:00 am on 10/3 in the Lunar calendar (16/4) started happening incense offering Hung Kings on Nghia Linh mountain (Viet Tri city, Phu Tho). Meanwhile, localities across the country have the Temple which worship Hung Kings - a celebrity, famous general of Hung Vuong period simultaneously offer incense.

Attending the incense offering, there were General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong and many senior leaders of the Party and State. Since 1917 King Khai Dinh has decided that 10th March of the lunar calendar as the international day, which is a national holiday, national memorial. In 2001, the Government issued a decree stipulating in scale, ceremonies to organize Hung Vuong memorial and Hung temple festival. Accordingly, 10/3 lunar calendar becomes a national holiday, the death anniversary of Hung Kings.

In 2007, Congress approved amendments and additions to the Labor Law 73 for  laborers are off work, enjoy their full wages on King Hung's death anniversary on 10/3 Lunar calendar. This year, death Anniversary falls on a weekend this year, the country are off 3 days, so the people everywhere come to worship very soon. The Organizing Committee expects Hung temple welcomed 1.5 million visitors today.

Hundreds of thousands of people gathered at the foot of  Nghia Linh mountain (the folk still called Hung mountain) so as to wait for offering incense on the temple. Functional forces had to build two layers of barrier and constantly reminded on the speakers “Everyone do not hustle and push”.

The elderly was preferred to enter early by the police forces.

When the first barrier was opened, people from the two main and extra gates rushed to the foot of the mountain, the line of people was stopped immediately at the second barrier. Waiting in the stuffy air, many people booed to demand opening the temple’s entrance. The Organizing Committee continued to remind people to be careful with their jewelries, prevent crooks.

8:20 a.m, the organizers decided to clear the second barrier so as that people worship Ancestor.

Sea of people immediately rushed up. Before the anniversary, the organizers said 5.5 million tourists visited the Hung Temple.

Many people not only run, but also tried to keep from their offerings.

Entrance to Hung temple is just over 2 meters in width, hundreds of thousands of people hustled causing the hillside, the entrance to the temple were blocked for an hour.

Line of people stood for an hour at the entrance to the temple.

Many people chose the shortcut which was through the tree lines.

Over 10:00 a.m, hundreds of thousands of people still gathered at foothills to wait for offering incense.

Giang Huy - Hoang Phuong

Resource: vnexpress.net