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Đảo Cái Chiên, một điểm đến mới cho những ai ưa thích sự khám phá

ban do ha long park hotel

Party General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong visited and worked in Quang Ninh

General Secretary of the  Working  Group visited, found out the real situation some

agencies to implement  the  annexation, convert operating models according to the

scheme  25 of  Quang Ninh  province. Then, the General   Secretary had an actual

trip to  visit  the   salt   prevention  dike  in Ha Nam  Island, Quang Yen  Town, Song

Chanh Bridge project on Halong – Haiphong highway.

At  the  and  of   working  program  this   morning, General   Secretary  has  offered

incense, planted  commemorative  trees in  national historic sites cluster Tran Hung

Dao Temple  and Vua  Ba  shrine in  Quang Yen Town on the 728-year  anniversary

of Bach Dang victory.


General  Secretary  listened to  the head of  Quang Ninh  medical  and  officials of

Quang  Yen  ward  health  clinics  ward  reporting  on  the  merger and conversion

                                 operation methods of medical at the facility


General Secretary had the actual inspection in the critical salt prevention dike in Ha

                                  Nam Island, Quang Yen Town


General    Secretary    visited,   motivated   staff   and   workers    of   construction

                                            mechanization company 1

             Song Chanh construction agency on Ha Long - Hai Phong highway 


Mr. Nguyen Van Doc - Quang Ninh Provincial Party Committee Secretary reported

                    General Secretary on Halong - Haiphong highway projects


General Secretary offered incense at the national historic Tran Hung Dao Temple


              General Secretary visited and talked to Quang Yen Town's people


Quang  Yen   Town's  people  was   very happy  and  excited  to  welcome  General


                  On the right day celebrating 728 years of Bach Dang victory

          General Secretary planted commemorative trees in Vua Ba shrine

This afternoon, the  General  Secretary of the  working  groups will  work with the

Provincial  Standing  Committee   and  key   officials  of  Quang Ninh  province on

the  results  of performing  the  economic - social  development  tasks  and Party

building work, the politic system.


 Song Chanh construction agency on Ha Long - Hai Phong highway