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Resolutely eliminate bad customs in the festival season

Kiên quyết loại bỏ hủ tục trong mùa lễ hội 2016

Picture at the cutting pig festival in Nem Thuong village, Tien Du District, Bac Ninh

Photo: Animals Asia

Dispatch mentioned that in 2015, many festivals are limited, such as the commercialization of the festival; taking advantage of the festival to make profits, selling tickets to the festival, violating State’s regulations; some festival maintains mores containing offensive elements; violence, scramble, clinging to the visitors; still burning more votive papers being costly, wasteful, causing risk of explosion; status sneaky change money to enjoy the difference price in the monuments, festivals, violating regulations in the field of monetary and banking ...

Therefore, during the festival season 2016, the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism requested the director of the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Department of Culture and Sport of provinces and cities: "No licensing, organizing festival for the purpose of profiteering, violation civilized lifestyle. Mobilizing people to remove or replace the unsuitable customs, violent and offensive acts causing urgency for public opinions. "

For localities with many festivals, big festivals attracting many visitors and lasting days such as the Hung Temple Festival (Phu Tho), Yen Tu Festival (Quang Ninh), Huong Pagoda Festival (Hanoi), Con Son - Kiep Bac festival (Hai Duong), Ba Chua Kho temple festival (Bac Ninh), Day palace festival, Tran temple (Nam Dinh), Ba Chua in Sam mountain festival (An Giang), Ba Den mountain spring festival (Tay Ninh) ... Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism requires detailed, specific planning, to ensure absolute safety, organization of arranging traffic flows and transport routes, securing law and order ...

At the same time the festival have to post up prices, sell at the right prices, not unsettled the visitors, not press prices; not sold the meat of wild animals, the violent toys; resolutely eliminate these bad practices, the offensive images in the festival.

Management board of Monument, the festival organizing committee have to have plans to manage donation box; arrange forces promptly to collect kinds of currency which are set incorrectly places; using merit money publicly, transparency and proper purposes.

Resource: tuoitre.vn