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ban do ha long park hotel


Dear Customers,

Halong coastal city - one of the world’s 7 natural wonders - is the most attractive destination to tourists in the country and internationally. Halong Park Hotel is a selection to enjoy the fun and great moments, those memories is the most spectacular choice in your travels.

Halong City is one of the cities with the fastest growing economy in the country. Therefore, Halong Park Hotel is the smart choice for your business trip at Ha Long City, Quang Ninh Province. Located in the economic, administrative, commercial and travel center of Halong (Hon Gai area), next to City’s Park, nestled on Co Tien Mountain and beautiful Halong Bay, on the way to be best known is the most beautiful of Ha Long - Tran Quoc Nghien sea boundary; Halong Market and Vincom Centre, administrative buildings, Halong Park Hotel is the most convenient for trips and business in Halong.

Halong Park is a 2-star hotel with design of classic style, including 25 rooms and 7 floors. Room size is large and airy; beautiful view; elegant, modern and convenient design; enthusiastic and professional staff, saved cost will make you have the most comfortable psychology when staying at Halong city.

Services of the hotel: Ha Long Bay tour and island tours in Quang Ninh with reasonable price to need of information and explore this land. The fresh seafood dishes at the restaurant at the 7th floor and the dedicated service of the staff will give you a cozy and unforgettable dinner.

Office services: photo, computer, free wireless internet access, email, ... will partly help you less worried on a business trip in Halong.

Let’s select Halong Park Hotel, we make sure that you will be very satisfied with your decision!

Thank and honor to introduce!

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